5 Tips to Get the Most from Bigger Stock Photo Agencies

As you may already know, there are two types of stock photo agencies: small and large. Small stock photo sites are suitable if you are looking for a more specialized collection. On the other hand, larger stock photo websites also feature larger collection to cater to your wider range of creative needs. Of course, larger stock sites also require a slightly larger budget when it comes to their pricing and plans. So, how can you get the most of what you are paying for? Find here https://www.stockphotosecrets.com/buyers-guide/5-of-the-cheapest-stock-photo-agencies.html.

  • Use advanced search options. The online systems of bigger stock photo agencies provide advanced search options that allow you to redefine or narrow down your results. You can use them to receive results according to your preference – including color and people.
  • Register to get more features. Some features require you to sign up for the stock photo agency in order to access them. The option to register appears in various points of the websites. It entitles you to access many other features, such as lightboxes. It also lets you catch the latest news, special offers and policy changes. Click here for more information.
  • Set up an account. If you only need one photo, you can simply download it through the Pay-As-You-Go basis. But if you need regular amounts of creative content, you may want to set up an account to access different services such as viewing images with watermarks and receive invoices rather than paying through credit card.
  • Look for special features. Majority of searches in stock photo sites are handled completely online. However, some stock photo agencies offer their services to do the searching for you – works pretty much like a personal shopper. Be sure to check out the website thoroughly to learn about the services that will make your search easier and faster.
  • Take advantage of human interaction. Although the systems of stock photo sites are mostly set up online, do not forget to communicate with the providers. Making call can make a difference. Try to contact the websites to help you with research or to clear out your concerns about images and licensing.

Bigger stock photo agencies include Shutterstock and iStock which are also listed in the 5 of the cheapest in Stock Photo Secrets. They provide their users different features that set them apart from one another. You can use these differences to choose the best stock photo website that works for your creative needs and budget. Once you determine your needs and budget, it should be easier to choose the right image source for you. Your next responsibility is to get the most out of your creative relationship.