Black Icon Pack: Why Black is Beautiful

You may have heard the phrase “Black is beautiful” a dozen times, but the media sheds light to other types of beauty. In design, the shiny are the pretty icons. Most people are attracted towards the whirlwind of colors. However, that was only true back then until people realized that they didn’t actually serve a purpose. True artistry lies in using timeless designs such as a black icon pack.

Black icon pack never go out of style. It is the ultimate sophistication. They work because of following reasons:

  • They have fewer distractions. When a design is simple, your eyes are not easily distracted. There are no out of place features, because sometimes busy designs can be quite overwhelming.
  • They make information clearer. The brain can process a simple graph better than the one on 3D – this is a good example. With a black icon pack, your readers can quickly identify what you are trying to express.
  • It has simple coding. Black icon pack comes with simple coding. There is no need to animate twinkling stars or make buttons that glow.
  • They load faster. In websites and applications today, users look for faster loading time. When a website takes too long to load they immediate close their tabs. If you don’t want that to happen, choose a black icon pack. This will make your users happier.

A black icon pack is popular because it looks mind-blowingly good. They rise on the top because they just simply look better. And naturally, users are attracted to beautiful things. Find more here

A good design never changes. You don’t have to waste your time and money on ornamentation that only serves to hasten the point in which your design will become obsolete. Design your websites and applications with a black icon pack and your product will be timeless.


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