Why Do You Need a WordPress Image Library?

Images have an important role in your website’s design. The right image can grab the attention of your target audience, convey the right message and sell your products and services. Depending on your theme, you can place images anywhere on your website and in various sizes. Thankfully, wordpress makes it easy for you to add and edit them.

A wordpress image library provides you with high quality, legally-safe images to:

  • Represent the post on your web homepage
  • Represent the post on category archives
  • Represent the post on custom taxonomy archives (i.e. product categories)
  • Add variation to the header
  • Represent the post on the blog page
  • Represent the post on tag archives
  • Represent a related post or product

An image can be used in many different ways. Available at different shapes and sizes, you can assign an image to your post and wordpress will make copies to be used in different places. Choosing the best picture does not only involve attractiveness. You also need to consider how it will fit in your website design.

If you are looking for a great wordpress image library, stop wasting your time and visit PixelRockstar. It has over 4 million high quality, safe-to-use images in its collection. You can easily search and add images to your website and social media in just a few seconds. All images are optimized and automatically inserted to your post, so you can save more time doing the things you love.

PixelRockstar pricing starts at $9 for 10 images. If you have greater creative needs, the popular choice is the Star Pack, which is prices at $200 and includes 350 images. Furthermore, all images come with a digital license, which is specifically designed for digital use. It does not have the limitations that drive creative professionals away from traditional image sources.



How to Find Cheap Stock Photos for Facebook Account and Blog

facebook logo

Currently, there are 1.44 billion active users in Facebook. Many of them share images on Facebook, either downloaded from Google search or as part of a blog. Businesses have recognized the benefit of using cheap stock images to receive better engagement that the general status update. But, how do they use these images without violating any copyright? The general preference is taking the photos yourself, but you know how expensive and time-consuming photoshoots can be.

With easy access to millions of photos in Google, it can be tempting to just pull out some images from the search engine and use it on your blog and Facebook account. However, this is not the best practice. We recommend using cheap stock photos from cheap stock photo sites for they have defined licensing that will save you from the stress and headache of copyright violations.

  1. Search under free photos of the week. Some stock photo agencies offer free photos when you sign up for them. Part of your benefits as a subscriber is the ability to download the photo of the week for free. That’s right. You do not have to spend a single dollar to download and use the image of the week for your Facebook status and blog. It usually comes with a Standard license, which allows you to use the image anywhere and anytime.
  2. Purchase stock photos cheap from stock photo agencies. We recommend getting your images from any reputable stock site, such as iStock and Shutterstock. These sources offer millions of stock photos cheap at incredible prices. You can purchase images on demand or subscribe to a plan that suits your creative needs and budget. They offer images in two licenses: Standard and Extended. Most images are offered with a Standard license, but if you need more freedom in using them, you can get the Extended license for an additional fee.
    social media stock photos
  3. Create your own. While this may also be one way to get images for your blog and Facebook account, we don’t really recommend it. For one reason, it can be expensive and time-consuming. Self-created images hold several benefits. One of them is that you do not have to worry about copyright laws. They are also more personal to your business and it saves you from using the typical images often used in other websites. However, you can also achieve all of these without spending too much time, money and effort with cheap stock images.

It is up to you to use the method that works well for you and your business. You can watch for free photos every week, create your own, or subscribe to a plan to find the stock photos cheap you need for your Facebook account and blog. If you want the best though, we highly recommend signing up for a stock photo agency. You will not have access to millions of cheap stock images but also free photos every week.

Spruce up Your Marketing With Adobe Stock Images for Free!

Adobe-Stock-logoNothing in life is better than free, right? The holidays are here and your marketing budget is stretched tight. With everything going on, this is a quiet opportunity that you don’t want to miss. To make your holiday budget stretch just a tiny bit further, head on over to Adobe Stock, read this review first.

The holidays are time to set up displays and be visual about things.

This includes your marketing efforts.

Wait a Minute – Free Images?

You heard me right – you can get free images from Adobe Stock by signing up for a new account. Adobe Stock has been designed from the ground up to integrate perfectly and seamlessly within every Creative Cloud application. To get your holiday campaign off on the right foot, Adobe has a holiday gift of their own for you. When you sign up for a new account before the end of the month, they’ll give you 10 free images of your choice.

From the Vault of Adobe

Deep within Adobe’s library, you’ll find over 40 million images and growing. Although Adobe is only giving away 10, you’ll soon find it is difficult to resist simply getting more. You see, Adobe bought their library from Fotolia – a MicroStock agency with a reputation for artistic flair. What can be better than 10 free images that have been given a fresh dose of creativity?

Just in Time for the Holidays

Another year has come and gone – almost. The holidays are here. That means Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas shopping and holiday festivals. As a kid, the holidays were nothing more than a great, big ball of fun. As an adult, the holidays can be a stressful time with all the places to go, people to see and dinners to prepare for. Let Adobe check one item off your list.

Spruce up Your Marketing with Adobe Stock

features of adobe stock

For a marketer, the holidays are even busier. No annual marketing portfolio would be complete for the year without holiday campaigns. Stock photos aren’t cheap – 10 free images are valued at $100. Adobe recognized this and decided to give back more this holiday year. Now you can take the money that you were going to spend on stock photos and get something nice for your colleagues. You’ll get your stock photos and your marketing campaign off on the right foot, and no one will know the difference.

How to Download Shutterstock Free Images



Shutterstock (click here for review) was founded in 2003 by Jon Oringer. He created the first subscription-based stock photo marketplace has gone on to create one of the world’s largest stock libraries. At the moment, Shutterstock has several different content libraries including music, editorial images and stock video footage.

Shutterstock’s portfolio is impressive. They include Bigstock, PremiumBeats, RexFeatures, SkillFeed and WebDAM. Each one offers a separate library comprising of different types of curated content in addition to their high-end stock image collection.

Shutterstock Free Images

free stock photos

In addition to the content contained in Shutterstock’s several libraries, they also offer free images. To download their free images, the first thing you need to do is create an account. Once completed, navigate to their home page and scroll down to where you find the two free image files being offered. One is called the “Free Photo of the Week,” while the other is called “The Free Vector of the Week.”

Although these files are free, they still require you to have an account. These photos may be stock, but they are still professional photos. The same thing goes for the vector image of the week. The images they offer are professionally designed by graphic artists. They only give away these files to give you a taste of what it’s like to be a paid member. It’s like a sampling. This is Shutterstock’s way of showcasing the fact that their images are of the highest quality.

Should You Rely on Free Images?

As a marker, time is usually of the essence. In other words, you don’t always have the leisure of waiting week after week for the right free image to be offered. As one of Shutterstock subscribers, I would certainly go out of my way to add the free images to my personal image library. This increases the number of images I have to choose from the next time I go searching my library for an image I might need.

There is always the danger of using one of their free images. You see, when they offer an image for free, everyone is all over it. That image gets added to the library of several people. That means that I am not the only one with the image and that I will not stand out from the crowd.

That’s the other goal of being a marketer. Don’t you want to stand out from the crowd? Getting your hands on free images is awesome. However, these images are not a way to stand out from the crowd.

Shutterstock Coupon Code: Providing Creative Professionals Their Image Needs

shutterstock-logoShutterstock is global stock photo agency that provides creative professionals their image needs. With over 60 million images, illustrations, vectors and music clips, everyone will surely find a creative file that complements their core message. Yes, when we say everyone, we mean including you. You may need images for your blog, your website or magazine article. Whatever it is, you will find the right image at the website’s very broad library.

The subscription plans offered by the website are reasonable. You will surely find one that suits your budget. What is even better is that Shutterstock offers Shutterstock coupons to help you further your savings. Now, you can set aside more money for more important operational costs through a Shutterstock coupon code. The only question now is where you can get these amazing Shutterstock coupons.

  • Shutterstock. The first place you can get Shutterstock coupon is from the website itself. Yes, that is right. Shutterstock offers coupon codes that give you as much as ten percent savings. The website is aware that many websites like StockPhotoSecrets.com claim to offer these coupons so they would rather give you the discounts themselves. Use these Shutterstock coupons to download the images you need for your creative projects.
  • Affiliated Websites. Shutterstock has an affiliate program that allows other websites to offer Shutterstock coupon codes. One of the trusted websites that offer these codes is stockphotosecrets.com. These website also offer seven to ten percent discounts, which are helpful in the long run. Imagine how much you can save if you are using images on a daily basis.

Are you excited to use a Shutterstock coupon for your next subscription plan? You should be. With the discounts you can get from these coupons, you are setting aside a greater budget for other important expenses. Get your coupon codes from Shutterstock or from a reliable affiliated website now and enjoy royalty-free images from basic, professional and team plans – standard licenses.


  • Basic License. A standard license that allows you to download up to 25 images within one year of purchase.
  • Professional License. A standard license that gives you access to the website’s entire collection with no download limits. You can get a monthly or yearly subscription based on your creative needs.
  • Team Plans. A standard license suitable for small teams or businesses. Of course, the prices will vary according to the number of users. You can download up to 750 images per month for up to one year.

Shutterstock coupon codes are the best way to fulfill your creative needs. You will not only have access to over 60 million royalty-free images, illustrations, vectors and music clips, you will also expand your budget for other important expenses. What are you waiting for? Get your coupons from your trusted website now!


Adobe Stock Review: On a Scale of 1 to 10

Adobe Stock is the brand new stock image service launched by Adobe. It provides creative folks with over 40 million of royalty-free images, vectors and illustrations. Integrated with Creative Cloud, it brings photo-editing to a different level. Adobe users around the planet shared their sentiments about the new stock service. Here are what they have to say regarding the features, search options, quality, selection, and many more.


On a scale of 1 to 10, users rate the features of Adobe Stock with 8.8 high. Adobe Stock photos provides a number of royalty-free images, which are compatible with Adobe’s applications, including PhotoShop CS2, Adobe Creative Suite 2, Illustrator CS2, GoLive CS2 and InDesign CS2. As a new stock service, it compares pretty well with the like of Getty Images (10), alamy (8.8) and jupiterimages (8.8).

Search Options

Adobe does not supply its own photos. The images are contributed by artists and photographers all around the world. Buyers are given access to some of the best collections as well as some of the best search options. Adobo Stock support searches by collection, color, photographer, orientation, concept, keyword and theme. Thus, it is given a resounding 8.8 by many.


With regards to quality, the website is given an Adobe Stock review of 8.8. It provides access to many powerful images from the Image Source and elegant photos from Stockbyte. It also includes images from the collection of Getty Images and Jupiter.


Users gave Adobe Stock 7.5 out of 10 because the service does not provide access to medical use or photos of famous people. However, it supports referrals to assignment photographers through photojournalism and editorial images. It also provides access to over 450,000 photos and illustrations.

Adobe Stock Photos Summary


Overall, the stock photo website gets an 8.3 out of 10 score from creative users. It is a time saving and cost-efficient solution for Adobe Creative Suite 2 users. Since it is directly integrated with the applications, it can save users time from downloading the photos to their computer. They are able to directly access them through their library. Furthermore, Creative Cloud members are given 40% discount on the subscription plan.    

There are a number of things to love about Adobe Stock. It is no wonder many creative users have given the stock photo website a good score. It provides you the chance to get a single image or subscribe to a plan. If you are looking for one image, you can have it for $10. If you require stock images, you can get a subscription plan. The best thing about the plan is unused images are carried over to the next month. In fact, you can roll over as many as 120 images.

Best Place for Cheap Stock Photos

In today’s time, stock photo banks have flushed the World Wide Web just as stock photos have flooded databases. However, what is the best place for cheap stock photos? There are a variety of factors in determining the right stock photo website to depend on. Here is a quick summary:

  • Old wooden crate with a photoshopped question mark on dirty concrete floor.Content of the Image – One of the most important factors is the image itself. You don’t just need stock photos; you need quality stock photos – ones that truly convey your message to your readers. However, the quality of stock photos totally depends on your taste, in your niche, and the suitability of the content to gain more viewers. After all, aesthetics do have its perks to invite more traffic to your website. So, whether it might be for your header, texture, banner, or for a simple article post, you need to find the suitable image that will speak for your site – and you need a suitable photo bank to get it from. A particular photo bank can have more than 100 million stock photos however you only need a few images for your slider, and one for your header – thus, truly finding the right image is crucial. Moreover, as people say, the more stock photos an image bank has, the more chance of finding the right image that you need. Fotolia has a roster of over 41 million royalty-free images. Shutterstock, on the other hand, has over 50 million. Dreamstine, meanwhile, has over 33 million stock photos and images.
  • calculator - cheap stock imageContent cost – Basically, the cost of an image would solely depend on its quality and resolution. However, if you browse deeper in the world of online stock photography, you will find great offers at half the price you would expect. A single Pay-As-You-Go image from Fotolia would cost as low as $0.74. Moreover, special offers begin at 10 credits for the affordable amount of $14 – with which you will be paying for images using credit points. For Fotolia, credit points start from 10 going up to 9,400 credits with prices that start from $11.20 to $5,600. Credit is an easy way to pay for your images because credits do not easily expire. Fotolia credits are valid for up to one year with free access to images, vectors, and videos (an HD 1080 format). Moreover, you can already purchase images for only 1 credit – the regular image size is 400X200 while a maximum 5000X3500 image costs only around $12. For Shutterstock, meanwhile, best value payment package plans become more affordable when you sign up for a yearlong subscription than a one month shot. A one month subscription for 750 downloads costs $249. However, if you do sign up for a yearlong plan, the payment is reduced to only $199 per month. Moreover, if you only need a few images from Shutterstock, you can go for the basic plan of 5 downloads for the cheap amount of $49. Meanwhile, a 25 image download from Shutterstock costs $229. This particular kind of plan is valid up to a year, so you don’t need to go in a rush to hastily download every image that you lay your eyes into. For iStock, as owned by Getty Images, you can pay per download with credits. A minute 6 credits would cost $60.Six (6) credits is already suitable enough to pay for 6 essential images, 2 signature images, and 1 essential video clip. Meanwhile, the maximum is 150 credits good for 150 essential images, 50 signature images, 25 essential video clips, and 8 signature video clips – all for the price of $1,250.
  • Join Button On Mobile Showing Subscription And RegistrationSubscription Plan – it is also important to get the subscription that works for you. If you are the minimalist type, you can go for credits to purchase a few images. On the other hand, if you need a massive amount of content, you can go for a full yearlong subscription. The best subscription package if you need a massive number of stock photos is to go for Shutterstock wherein you can download as much as 750 images per month. A single month subscription for 2 downloads from Depositphotos only costs $20. Meanwhile, 5 downloads per month from Dreamstine costs insanely cheap at the price of only at $0.05 – comparatively low compared to Fotollia’s $0.74 cost per image. For iStock, you can either settle for an Essentials Subscription allowing you 250 downloads for only $207 and $415 for 250 downloads from their premium Signature Subscription.
  • Dslr camera shooting on a beutiful seascape with blue red skyImage Resolution – preferably, if you wish to use a large scale image for a background or texture, you need images that have a superbly high resolution. For Fotolia, the average XL size would be 4500X3000. For iStock, a double XL can averagely measure up to 5000X3500 pixels. Dreamstine meanwhile, for extra-large, image size can go as high up to 3800X2100, maximum is 5000X3000 and Tiff can measure up to a whopping 7200X4100. An average Depositphoto, on the other hand, can measure up to a maximum 3500X3500. The image size can vary from image to image and you can easily choose from among the many images displayed in photo banks.

Although there are many more factors to consider when choosing the right stock photo bank, it is still best to explore first to know which photo bank suits your style well. It takes a small amount of effort to look for the best and quality-made cheap stock photos that will suit you well.